Jake Valentine


A lil' about Jake...


Jake Valentine is a self taught multimedia artist born, raised & based out of Planet Echelon. He draws inspiration from everything, utilizing the cute aesthetics of kawaii and Japanese pop culture and art, to the grotesque and gritty sub-cultures of underground goth, punk, rockabilly/psychobilly music & art scene. Always with a pinch of the old fashion, & glamour of classic films & cartoons.

He started creating out of heartbreak and that led him into a completely different path he never thought he'd explore.

"I am a sensitive being. Spirituality & music are huge driving forces to me & they help bringing forth a very "tongue-in-cheek" mix of macabre pop surrealism. Almost everything I do, from my works to the way I dress are heavily inspired by music. I am obsessed with old music, and glam rock! Music & fire are my muse. I love playing with fire, which allows me to get the textures and decay I am known for in my works. I've a bit of trouble with colour, & I spend countless hours of splashing & mixing paint until my eyes can recognize the palette that I am pleased with. The rest is all fire & magic. I love fire & magic.”

Jake has been featured in the famously strange Japanese, Mono Magazine, El Paso's Fusion Magazine, as well as Vamonos /Ruidoso News. He gotten international attention while being part of and collaborating with Art Toy Gama Collective, a unique and large collective of creative individuals from all over the world.
He is also part of the Metropolis Collective (Trash Art Gallery), a collective of creatives based out of Mechanicsburg, PA. He has also been part of POP Gallery and has had works featured at renowned artist, photographer, creative entrepreneur and inspirational speaker, Aunia Kahn's gallery; Alexi Era.

Mono Magazine: May 16, 2009 (Issue No.606)